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Destiny/Loneliness/Greta & Evelyn | Fire Shut Up in my Bones 

Lyric Opera of Chicago & The Metropolitan Opera

"Renee gives an ethereal quality to the characters that live in Charles’ mind and briefly in his bed. She appears as a menacing and seductive spectre as Destiny and Loneliness. Renee gives a coquettish charm to Greta who seduces and then breaks Charles’ heart after he reveals his deepest held secret to her." (Third Coast Review, Kathy D. Hey)

“Brittany Renee as Evelyn offered an uplifting lightness, a lovely, crystalline soprano that was all youthful excitement, more from her please!" (Parterre Box, Gabrielle Ferrari) 


"...masterfully oozed vocal and physical sensuality."  (OperaWire, David Salazar)


Micaela | Carmen
Opera Orlando


"Brittany Renee's plush soprano blooms thrillingly on top, especially in her rendition of "Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante," which demonstrates strength rather than fragility." (Opera News, Joanne Lessner)

Figaro 6.jpg

Countess | Le Nozze di Figaro
Opera Orlando


“nicely captures the Countess’s sadness, poignant among the frivolity and conveyed with regal sorrow by the excellent Brittany Renee.”  (Orlando Sentinel, Matthew J. Palm)


Madame Herz | Impresario
Knoxville Opera


"...a gorgeous take on her respective holdover Mozart arias." (ArtsKnoxville)

Star Trek 3.jpg

Constanza | Star Trek: Abduction from the Seraglio
Opera Orlando

“...has the spark of Lt. Uhura and fills the role with gusto.” (Orlando Sentinel, Matthew J. Palm)

Boheme 1.jpg

Musetta | La Boheme
Florida Grand Opera


“As the beautiful Musetta, Brittany Renee Robinson gave an assured performance that communicated desirability and jealousy without the stock, over-the-top diva gestures that so often accompany this role. In Musetta’s Waltz she caressed an embarrassed waiter and sang in luminous tones about her own gorgeousness."  (South Florida Classical Review)

"Brittany Renee Robinson steals the stage with her saucy "companion" in the beguiling "Musetta’s Waltz" but who is convincingly altruistic in the final act."  (Florida Theater on


"The attractive Robinson styles the risque Musetta’s Waltz, with a sexy soprano vibe and rich tonality that remained seductive with going over the top."  (Miamiartzine)


Zerlina | Don Giovanni
Florida Grand Opera


“Paired with the lush voice of Brittany Robinson as Zerlina, the only woman who appears able to match wits with the Don, Brittany Robinson was a standout throughout, especially her Batti, batti o bel Masetto, highlighted by her long-held high notes.”  (South Florida Classical Review)


“With her beautiful voice and sexiness Brittany Robinson understands the power of femininity and it is easy to believe.” (


Giannetta | L'Elisir D'Amore
The Metropolitan Op


"In the role of Gianetta, Brittany Renee was impressive, showing a lush lyric soprano that especially shone during her solo “Saria possible.” She sang this passage with staccato phrases, a quiet piano sond, and some gorgeous legato phrases. Her comic timing was sensational as she interacted with the women’s chorus. As she attempted to crescendo, she quietly diminuendoed, also shushing the women’s chorus. In the ensemble work, her voice also shone, especially in “Io già m’immagino che cosa brami” where her patter work resonated through all the voices. Her interactions with Schultz were also crucial in helping audiences understand who this character was and why she was always around." (OperaWire)

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